Absolutely fantastic!

We recently bought a house with Remax and frankly we were kind of skeptical because the previous experience we had with finding a realtor was not a good one. However, McKenzie Millward was absolutely fantastic. Not only did she walk us through all the legal mess of buying a house, but she also worked with us to find a house that suited our needs and was honest when she thought that a location was inappropriate for us and our son. She didn’t try to sell us on an obviously run down house or try to talk us into something we weren’t comfortable with. I really appreciated that. She also didn’t push us to buy something that was out of our price range or get us to buy something that we couldn’t afford in the long-term. She and her team kept in contact with us throughout the whole process on a regular basis and really helped pave the way for our finances regarding the loan. Everyone at this organization was very respectful and helpful and overall a real joy to work with. If we end up selling this house for any reason or have to buy a new one we will definitely be coming back to these guys!